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Open Access Policy

In line with NAS mandate to advance scientific knowledge in Nigeria, its journal, the Proceedings of the Nigerian Academy of Science (PNgAS) publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed scientific research findings, and is freely available for anyone to be able to access online.

The objectives of the Open Access Policy are to:

  • Expand the visibility and impact of PNgAS through increased accessibility of its research outputs
  • Enable a rich research culture by allowing research findings to be accessed and further built upon
  • Promote knowledge sharing and enable the use of science to address societal challenges.

The following rules shall apply:

  • The name of the author/copyright owner must be duly mentioned when the article is referenced or used in any form
  • The journal and its contents may not be used in its Open Access format for commercial purposes
  • The journal and its contents may not be edited, modified, or otherwise changed.