Proceedings of the Nigerian Academy of Science

Vol 17, No 1 (2024): Proceedings of the Nigerian Academy of Science

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This themed edition of the PNgAS will be launched in September 2024. Consequently, we request that submissions are made to the journal with subject heading starting with “Submission to the Themed Edition on Food System Management towards a Sustainable End to Hunger”.

Posted: 2024-01-16
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The Proceedings of the Nigerian Academy of Science (PNgAS) is the peer-reviewed official journal of the Nigerian Academy of Science - one of Africa’s leading science Academies. The regular edition of the journal is a multi-disciplinary publication, with the primary objective of disseminating original research, systematic reviews, and meta-analysis in all STEM disciplines, especially those that address national and regional developmental challenges. The journal publishes articles that are based on deep-seated formative research using large and multi-center datasets that lead to a better understanding of the context of science related developmental challenges in various disciplines, and that identify appropriate pathways for accomplishing change. Submissions of papers based on intervention research that focus on experimental and quasi-experimental designs are also encouraged. 

The journal publishes two to three times a year. To this end, the Editorial Committee of the journal invites submission of high-quality articles for consideration for publication in the 2022 regular editions, as well as the proposed themed versions of the journal. The details and requirements for submitting articles to the regular editions of the journal are attached herewith. They can also be found on the website of the NAS –  

Themed Edition  

The journal's themed edition will focus on specific developmental challenges in Nigeria and the African region, which can be resolved by the strategic re-positioning of science and its components. We firmly believe that one of the draw-backs that configures Africa’s developmental nightmare is the low use and poor infiltration of science into various elements of development. We believe that PNgAS can play a significant role in encouraging specific considerations of scientific principles in the formulation of policies and programs in the region.