PNgAS is an official journal of the Nigerian Academy of Science, The Apex Science Society of Nigeria uniquely positioned to the advancement of scientific knowledge in Nigeria.  Below are the peer-review processes in publishing PNgAS:

  1. Author submits the article to the journal. This is submitted via the NAS journal website
  2.  Author gets auto feedback to confirm that the article is received
  3. The editor-in-chief contacts all the sectional committee chairmen (maximum of 5 fellows in each committee) to inform them that they will serve as reviewers for the editorial board of PNgAS
  4. The editor-in-chief looks through the article to know if the article will be suitable for publishing or not
  5. If the article is suitable for publishing, it is sent to suitable reviewers for evaluation.
  6. Evaluation of articles is done within 4-week deadline, while the editorial assistant follows up with reminders until comments are received.
  7. All the returned comments/contributions/corrections will be sent to the author to improve the article (if any).
  8. Author returns a revised article within 2-week deadline
  9. If all comments/contributions/corrections are well implemented, an acceptance letter is sent to the author(s) which is immediately followed by the Galley Proof form for authors to make galley corrections
  10. Articles are formatted and collated for publishing