Empowering sustainable mobility in Nigeria: A study of conversion of conventional bicycle to electric bicycle

Collins E. Etin-Osa(1), Deborah E. Etin-Osa(2),

(1) University of Benin, Edo State Nigeria
(2) Admiralty University of Nigeria, Ibusa, Delta State, Nigeria
Corresponding Author


Amid global efforts towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Nigeria's recent decision to eliminate fuel subsidies has amplified the search for sustainable transportation alternatives. In this study, a traditional pedal bicycle was converted into an electric bike (e-bike) in order to explore it as a viable solution to promoting eco-friendly commuting and reducing carbon emissions on Nigerian roads. The conversion cost was 174,500 in Nigerian currency, with the e-bike demonstrating a range of 8.33km per charge, under a load of 136kg on a 36V, 4.8AH battery. At a speed of 15km/h, an estimated 1.44 volts per kilometer were consumed. Notably, the study revealed a 99.49% correlation between voltage depletion and distance covered per kilometer, indicating a highly predictable relationship between energy consumption and travel distance. These insights highlight the e-bike's potential advantages, particularly in terms of cost-effectiveness, presenting a compelling case for the adoption of electric bicycles as a means to decarbonize transportation in Nigeria.


e-bike, hub, SDGs, battery, speed controller


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