Exposure to Fluoxetine induced Gonado-toxicity in female rats: Modulating role of Hybanthus enneaspermus

Muhammed A. Dikwa(1), Monsurat B. Falana(2), Muhammed R. Asinmi(3), Musbau A. Akanji(4), Quadri O. Nurudeen(5),

(1) Federal University, Dutse, Nigeria
(2) Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin, Nigeria
(3) Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin, Nigeria.
(4) Kwara State University, Malete, Nigeria
(5) Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin, Nigeria
Corresponding Author


Several scientific evidence supports the use of Hybanthus enneaspermus leaves in the management of female sexual inadequacies. Additionally, fluoxetine is a reproductive toxicant that induces sexual dysfunction. To determine the modulating role of aqueous extract of Hybanthus enneaspermus leaves on fluoxetine-induced gonado-toxicity, sixty healthy, sexually-responsive female rats (157.21 ± 6.89) were divided into six groups (A–F) comprising of 10 rats each. Group A (control group) were administered distilled water only, Group B-F received orally 15 mg/kg body weight (b.w) of fluoxetine prepared daily for 14 days for the induction of anti-oestrogenicity and subsequently received 0.5ml of distilled water, 20 mg/kg b.w of a reference drug (Tadalafil) and 0.5 mL equivalent to 250, 500 and 1000 mg/kg b.w of the extract respectively, orally, once daily (08:00-08:45h) for 7 days. Fluoxetine reduced serum oestrogen concentrations by 54.79% and significantly reduced (p<0.05) ovarian and uterine total protein, glycogen, cholesterol, the activities of alkaline phosphatase and acid phosphatase. The reductions were by (22.91%, 25.57%, 22.82 %, 15.09 % and 43.17 %) in the ovaries and (21.25 %, 26.9%, 7.20%, 16.82% and 29.85%) in the uteri of the animals respectively. In contrast, these reductions were overturned by the extract towards the control group. The extract at 1000 mg/kg b.w ameliorated the reductions of these oestrogenic indices. Hybanthus enneaspermus attenuated the deleterious effects of fluoxetine on the ovaries and uteri, restored sexual competence and promoted oogenesis. These may further lend backing to its widespread use in handling some sterility/infertility problems in women.



Hybanthus enneaspermus, fluoxetine, gonado-toxicity


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